Bijou Bars

Bijou Bars


Simple yet exotic, our chocolate bar line is one of a kind in terms of quality, flavor, and presentation. With flavor notes ranging from bright, clean cherry to rich, dark, and smooth, we are confident you will find the perfect taste for your palette in our selection.

Select one of our beautifully wrapped chocolate bars:

Huila: Bright, delicate fruity notes with a wonderful complex flavor.

Oscuro: Dark, rich, and smooth. This bar is the quintessential chocolate experience.

Noche: The ultimate milk chocolate. This is the bar that converts dark chocolate lovers. One of the smoothest, creamiest, and unique milk chocolates we have ever had.

Dulcey: A new and exciting chocolate formulation, the Dulcey is a rich "blond" chocolate. This bar is delicately sweet, balanced by rich notes of caramel, and garnished with crispy wheat pearls enrobed in dark chocolate. This is one of our most popular bars, and truly a magical chocolate experience!

Bars are 2.75 oz.

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