Bijou Box

Bijou Box

from 19.00

The Bijou Box is our signature assortment of chocolate truffles and caramels. Hand wrapped in beautiful Japanese chiyogami paper, this is truly a luxurious gift, for either a formal or casual occasion. Or maybe just a really nice treat for you and your loved ones! Contains either 9 or 20 pieces. Truffles are a fresh product, so please enjoy within 7 days!

Here is an example of some of the (very fresh) truffles you will receive in your Bijou Box:

Passion Fruit Truffle
Raspberry Truffle
Luxurious Milk Truffle
Strawberry Cream Truffle
Venezuelan Single Origin Truffle
Colombian Single Origin Truffle
Cardamom Coffee Truffle
Lavender Truffle
Lemon Ginger Truffle
Peacock Rosemary Truffle
Fleur de Sel Carame

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